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Supercrap is a screen print collective based in Berlin, Germany. We started this project in 2012, although under a different name and constellation. Since the beginning we 've been focusing on making high quality and fair trade products affordable to everyone. *

If you already know, what you want and got your motif ready, you can upload it and send us your request here.

Please, include more details like the kind of textile, amount, colors and sizes in the text box, so we can speed up the process.

Our pricing might seem odd to some. So we came up with a calculator, which will give you a quote and explanation in a few simple steps.

If you're not sure about the textile you would like, we would recommend to have a look at our suppliers collection first.

Continental Clothing | Stanley/Stella

From time to time, we also do our own designs and would be happy, if you have a look at them, while waiting for our reply.

Unfortunatelly there still a few things to fix, but we'll open the shop in a few days.

* All the t-shirts we print will also be wrapped and tagged, so they're convienently accessible. Also we're not limited to printing on textiles, but are able to do everything from cardboard to vinyl or even more specific products. And if you need anything else, like getting your textiles labeled, just let us know.